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Project Pickup: Make your old truck sound & perform better with a Performance Exhaust (Part 2)

By The Fast Lane Car

( ) A 10-year-old pickup can't compete with a new truck in terms of power and torque...or can it? With the addition of a new performance exhaust you can make your old truck run and sound better. MBRP Performance Exhaust: ( In this episode of Project Pickup (part 2) we continue on our quest to modify our ten-year-old diesel Chevy Silverado to more modern specs with a new Performance Exhaust. In this second part of TFLcar's episode we test the truck from 0-60 MPH to see if the installed MBRP Performance Exhaust that we got from ( has made the pickup faster and lauder. So does a more free flowing exhaust increase the speed and boost the performance of our 10-year-old pickup. You'll have to watch this video to find out.

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