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New Top Gear DVD The Challenges No: 6 out on 4th June 2012

By Top Gear

The brand new Top Gear The Challenges 6 DVD is out on 4th June. Includes incredible car-based endeavours, star guests and exclusive DVD extras such as Stig's Cousins' Laps, unseen interview clips and deleted scenes... and of course three silly men arguing, falling over and accidentally setting things on fire. Bring the DVD to life with exclusive augmented reality content using the free Aurasma Lite App. Users can see the Stig burst through the cover and demonstrate some kung fu moves or generate a 3D aura of the Stig's helmet which can be positioned to appear as if they are wearing it. They can then take pictures and share with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Top Gear YouTube channel: website: Top Gear Facebook: Top Gear Twitter:

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