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Pre-school transition tips for your child:

You must have started looking out for the perfect pre-school for your child since he was probably months old. And we know you want your kid to be in the best pre-school, making sure he gets the required exposure that will help him grow and develop. Now that you have zeroed down to the best pre-school in town for your kid, the next challenge lying in front of you is getting your kid into the pre-school. While some kids handle this transition pretty quickly, most kids don’t. So how should you handle this situation? We’ve got a few tips that will help you deal with this situation in case it arises:


Talk to your child:

Communicating with your child is the best way to make him comfortable. Tell them about how they will be going to a new place where they will be doing lots of fun things with a whole lot of same-aged kids. Even as adults, we don’t like unexpected surprises – so don’t expect a kid to handle all of it gracefully, without making a fuss. Tell your kid everything he needs to know about the pre-school and make him familiar with all of it before he steps into the school.

Familiarise your child with the routine:

What you have to do is find out the general schedule at the pre-school, the activities conducted there. And try to implement the same at home. Let your child get used to the routine – something which he hasn’t done at all until now. This will help the child feel comfortable when he enters pre-school, as he’s already used to it. This will make him enjoy the process even better, making him look forward to school every day.


Take help of teachers:

Teachers are always ready to help you. They try their best to make the child feel comfortable in the new surroundings. Teachers are also a great help when it comes to helping you deal with issues relating to your child. Having a good teacher-parent bond is essential. Talking with the teacher, introducing your child to the teacher will help your kid know that he’s in the company of a known and friendly person and not a complete stranger.

Leave back something your child can hold on to:

Just for the initial few days, hand over something your child derives comfort form. It may be his favorite soft toy or something belonging to you. Once your child becomes comfortable with the new environment, he will refuse to take it along! Who would want a soft toy in the company of friends?

Give your child some time and watch him go through beautifully through this transition phase!

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