school year
- school year

Tips to keep your child focused this school year:

Parents often complain that their kids are losing interest in academics as the school year goes on. And this a common issue – children run out of curiosity and find the monotony boring and mundane, which is a significant reason why they lose interest in academics. So how do you deal with this? We’ve got a few tips – you could try using them!

school year

Show interest:

If you yourself aren’t eager about your child’s school and everything that happens in there, don’t expect your kid to do the same! Make sure you talk to your kid every day about what happened at school. This makes them feel better, relieved that someone cares. Take an interest in their homework, try to help them out with concepts they are finding tough to understand. And you will be able to do all this only if you show an interest in your kid’s life.

Establish a good parent-teacher bond:

Not only the teachers but every person in the school. Keeping a cordial relation with all of them will be helpful as your child is in their company for the major part of his day. This will help you know some hidden qualities of your child – both good and bad, making it easier for you to help them deal with the issues that they are either facing or year

Make school life interesting:

Pack off a surprise treat in your kid’s tiffin with a note pasted on it. Or slip a new piece of stationery in their bags. These small things make school life exciting, and your kid will look forward to it. Tiny efforts from your side will make a difference – so do it!

Encourage them:

There will be lots of ups and downs in school; it’s a complete roller coaster ride. Helping your kid cruise through this chaos is what you have to do. In ace he encounters some lousy experience or failure, don’t put them down. Talk to them, make them understand the reasons behind the failure and what could have been done to avoid it. Make sure they know it’s okay to fail. Fear of failure is a thing that freaks kids out, making them disinterested in what’s happening in school.

Get to know their friends:

The kids your child is hanging out with influence your child a lot. So make sure you know who these friends of your child are. Especially if your child’s performance has suddenly dipped, or is showing signs of disinterest in academics, you need to find out the probable reason of this happening – friends is a primary reason, so get to know them.

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